My name is Andrew Brown and I am here as a testament to the success of Brainwave Optimization. Without this process, my PTSD would have continued to spiral out of control and would have destroyed my marriage, my family and friends but most of all myself.
I spent my first tour of duty in Iraq from 2003 to 2004 spending the majority of my time in the middle of nowhere building livable conditions for the infantry as well as providing our own security. As soon as an area was livable, we moved on to the next place. In September of 2003, I was at a small camp, building an entertainment center for a couple infantry guys and a 120mm mortar landed 60 feet or so behind me, exploding, killing 2 EPW’s, injuring 1 soldier and throwing me to the ground with a superficial piece of shrapnel hitting my right butt cheek. I couldn’t hear for 4 hours. I got lucky… looking at the wall in front of where I was standing, there were 1 to 3 inch diameter holes in the concrete wall all around where I was standing. By all rights it should have killed me.
My second tour was I guess a little mellower. I spent 2008 to 2009 in Afghanistan. I spent most of my time in the middle of nowhere in the north half of Afghanistan preforming quality control inspections on local national built projects. There was minimal to moderate in-coming mortars with the occasional direct fire. Near the end of that tour I was moved down to Kandahar and did anything from quality control to contract representative to helping survey in a mine field.
When I returned home, I had been married for 1 year (most of which was spent deployed) and now was trying to get back to real life. I never had experience with kids before and found integrating into a family, having a new wife and 3 kids to be a real challenge. My PTSD progressively went downhill. I was angry all the time. I was frustrated because I didn’t believe anything was wrong with me, it was everyone else. I was drinking (3) 1.75 liter bottles of rum a week and going out to bars on top of that. I wasn’t sleeping and was even having black outs.
After several months of this and a lot of convincing, I finally sought help for my PTSD. I tried everything I could find to get help. I started with traditional therapy then moved on to EMDR, and ended up on medications. Some things only helped a little and some not at all. This continued for the next 3 years. Long story short on this part, I almost ended up losing everything, even one step away from my life. I had nothing left to loose. I needed help and was willing to try anything.
I completed Brainwave Optimization in 2012 and it’s given me my life back. For this I have to thank Raquel Younglove at The Optimized Brain for her dedication, my wife for finding this amazing treatment and for standing by my side throughout all of this and my family and friends for their support. Thank you will never be enough for all these people.
I am here to assure all that know us that there is hope… it can get better… you don’t have to give up! It is not a “cure”, it is a remedy. It will allow you to be able to deal with “you” again. Feel like “you” again. It takes a little time, a small effort on “your” part, but it can be done… and it’s worth it!