No Soldier Left Behind, Inc. was founded by Andrew and Jacklynn Brown as a result of their very personal struggle and journey with PTSD.

Andrew and Jacklynn met in 2004 shortly after Andrew returned home from his first tour of duty in Iraq. Their new friendship quickly blossomed and they began dating the end of 2005. Two and a half years later they married in January of 2008. Less than two months after they married, Andrew left to begin his second deployment in Afghanistan.

Andrew returned home from his second deployment in 2009. As excited as the couple was to be reunited, the honeymoon was short lived. Andrew struggled with reintegrating back into normal daily life. His drinking drastically increased, he was irritable and had constant mood swings. Andrew chalked it up to getting used to a new wife and 3 kids, yet Jacklynn suspected that there was more to it, the man that stood before her was not the man she had married just over a year before. The months went on and things progressively got worse until Andrew could no longer deny that he needed help.

In 2010 Andrew reached out to Military OneSource and was sent to see a therapist. It was then that he was first diagnosed with PTSD. He went through all the steps of traditional talk therapy with minimal results so his therapist added EMDR to his therapy. Andrew was encouraged by those results but later stalled out and he became frustrated with the lack of any further progress. Andrew then went to the VA for help. He was seen about every two months and was put on meds. The medications had to be switched several times, he either had bad reactions, felt like a zombie or they just didn’t help. After months of trying he finally gave up and figured this was as good as it was going to get for him. Jacklynn continued to search for ways to support and help Andrew and ended up stumbling on a new treatment that had amazing results with PTSD called Brainwave Optimization. When she brought it to Andrew she was immediately shot down and a three hour fight over it ensued. It wasn’t discussed again after that.

Andrew and Jacklynn tried to make the best of their situation and had their good days and bad days but in 2012 their world was forever drastically changed. Everything was now on the line and they had everything to lose. Their marriage and very lives hung in the balance. It was then that Andrew reached for a life line. With nothing to lose and everything to gain, Andrew went through the Brainwave Optimization treatment.

Within the first day of treatment Andrew was sleeping through the night again. Something he hadn’t done in ten years. On his third day of treatment Jacklynn started to notice changes in his mood and interactions with her. By the end of the week others close to Andrew were also noting the positive differences they saw in him.

Looking back on how Andrew was then compared to how he was three months after the treatment was amazing! Andrew’s tolerance was up, his anger was down, his drinking decreased, his happiness had increased and he was enjoying things that he used to enjoy again. Andrew noted that he felt like he had ten years ago. Jacklynn had her husband back. Their home is once again filled with love and laughter. Whenever Andrew’s PTSD is brought up in the family, the kids refer to it as the “Angry Andy” period and that they like the Andy they have now much better.

The Brainwave Optimization treatment not only saved their marriage and their family but it saved Andrew. He had his life back and he had control again. For two years now they have been enjoying their life together and are excited and looking forward to the future. For this they will never be able to truly express the depth of their gratitude. What they can do is make sure that every soldier, sailor, airman, marine or coast guardsman that also wants to take back their lives has the opportunity to do so. There is no greater way for them to pay it forward which is why No Soldier Left Behind, Inc. was created.